Complications with air conditioning systems seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Often, the defective or outdated AC unit is forced beyond its limits on a very hot day. A properly functioning air conditioner is critical to the comfort & health of your family, & it is readily handled with regular Air conditioning repair in Hickory, NC.

You may prevent pricey AC repair services by recognizing minor issues before these become major ones. In other words, learn the 10 symptoms that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.

1. The air conditioner is blowing warm air

Nobody buys an air conditioner to sit & do nothing but look awesome. The purpose of an AC is really to keep the family comfortable throughout the hot & humid summer months. During the scorching months of each year, an air conditioning system is required to work effectively. However, if that fails to produce delightfully cool air & instead produces warm air, contact Air conditioning Hickory, NC, for assistance.

2. Thermostat for Air Conditioning Isn’t Working

The air conditioner’s thermostat acts as the device’s command center. The thermostat interacts with the air conditioner, telling it how much cold air it needs to produce. It also takes measures to verify that it is performing its job properly.

If the air conditioner operates for shorter periods before shutting off, or even if it would not come on at all, this might be a sign that the thermostat is not accurately identifying whether or not the system is working. Because of the intricate electrical systems involved, you should have a skilled Air Conditioning Repair Hickory, NC, to inspect this if you are experiencing a thermostat problem.

3. Vents let out a little amount of air

A problem with sluggish airflow is identical to the problems with heated air. When you switch on the air conditioner, you might feel cold air, but it is flowing out extremely faintly, making it hard to circulate throughout the room. In many situations, this indicates a malfunctioning compressor, but it might also indicate an issue with the ducting.

Because of the complexity of this problem, it is advisable to contact Air Conditioning Repair Hickory, NC, for just a tune-up. A specialist has the expertise & experience to assure that greater problems do not arise in the future.

4. Unusual noises coming out from the air conditioner

There are various noises that may come from the air conditioner, any of which might indicate that it needs to be repaired. The majority of them seem to be likely to originate from your exterior unit when it’s operating, but if you hear any strange sounds when the AC is working, call Air Conditioning Repair Hickory, NC.

• The outside unit clicking as it operates. This might indicate that there is a minor blockage in your outside unit’s fan. Inspect the fan & remove anything that might be striking it while it is running.

• The indoor unit is making a squealing sound. A screeching noise is generally an indication that the fan belt is faulty. The sound might come & go, giving you the impression that it isn’t a significant deal. However, if indeed the belt is damaged, it will ultimately break, leaving you with non-functional air conditioning. So, with all of these noises, it is preferable to get it repaired as soon as you see it, rather than waiting until it creates greater problems.

5. Strange Smells When the air conditioner was turned on

An air conditioner isn’t meant to stink. If this happens, there is an issue. In this case, a strong odor might suggest a burned-out wire within the unit, but a musty odor could indicate mold somewhere within the unit or perhaps the ductwork. A specialist must detect this condition as soon as possible since it might make you & your family unwell.

6. The AC does not eliminate enough humidity

One of the functions of an AC is to reduce the quantity of humidity in the home. Even in low-humidity climates, the air retains a trace of moisture. If you detect any dampness inside your home while the air conditioning system is operating, the machine may need to be repaired.

7. AC problems are becoming more common

If the unit has required AC maintenance service at least 3 or 4 times in a few months, it may be time to buy a new one & forego further repairs.

8. Leaks of Freon and Water near an Air Conditioning Unit

Moisture leaking into or around your air conditioning system is a concern. This might be an indication of a coolant leak. Because Freon is toxic, call a specialist right away. However, in less catastrophic instances, this moisture might be water from a damaged or clogged condensation-disposal tube.

This problem may manifest itself in more than one manner. Water may escape from the AC in some circumstances, while other times, ice may form within the AC system, mostly on copper coolant lines situated outside the condenser. In any case, this is a red flag that you should call Air Conditioning Hickory, NC.

9. Increasing or Excessive Electric Bill

Another sign that the AC system needs to be replaced or repaired is a rapidly rising energy bill despite no increased consumption. This issue might be caused by several factors, including a faulty thermostat switch, leakage in the AC’s ductwork, or indeed the air conditioner unit’s advanced age. Whatever the cause, the unit will need to be repaired.

10. The Life of an AC Is Nearing Its End

If the air conditioning system is at least 10 years old, then you should be grateful that it has survived this long as well as start looking for a replacement. Air conditioners seldom survive more than a decade. These indicators serve as helpful reminders about how to immediately identify a problem &, in many circumstances, help avoid the need for an AC system replacement entirely.


Maintaining a pleasant temperature in your house throughout the summer months necessitates several well-functioning mechanisms. If you see any of these ten symptoms, call Air Conditioning Repair Hickory, NC. Attempting to do the repairs yourself may result in additional charges if something goes wrong.

Have you seen any of these air conditioning issues? Anytime Heating Cooling Repair is always available to assist you. The sooner you contact for help, the less likely it is that the situation will worsen to the stage where the system will fail. To book a repair appointment with one of our professionals, call us at (828) 838-0973 or contact us online now.