Present-day air conditioners are quieter than ever. And you should ensure that yours stays the same. High-efficiency AC units have sound-dampening tech & two-stage compressors to maintain noise levels under 55 decibels. So, if you hear any unfamiliar or weird noises from your AC, take notice & call for AC repair Newton, NC

Ignoring the weird noises from your air conditioner might turn minor problems into major expenses. The sooner you determine the cause of the weird noise & resolve your AC problems, the better. 

Investigating Weird AC Noises

If your AC suddenly begins making a weird noise, you might want to investigate prior to calling for a service expert like air conditioner repair Newton, NC.

In case you hear something troubling that you believe might indicate a problem with your AC, it is a good idea to switch off your air conditioning unit as a precaution till it can be inspected carefully by a professional service. AC units cost a lot to repair & replace, & allowing a broken AC to keep running might complicate the issue. And while it is never appropriate to have a broken AC, a yearly inspection & tune-up might prevent future troubles.

So, before you go for AC repair, Newton, NC, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the different noises your AC can make & their causes.

1. Banging Noise

Usually, banging is a sure sign that there’s a broken or loose part — a crankshaft, piston pin, or a connecting rod — inside the AC compressor. Or perhaps, the indoor blower is imbalanced. A banging noise might also disclose that your system requires a compressor replacement.

2. Clicking Noise

The clicking noise of electrical components during start-up & shutdown is a regular component of the system’s functioning, but constant clicking is unusual. It might be a sign of a failing thermostat or a defective control. There are several electrical parts in your AC unit, so it is vital to heed to potential electrical problems as quickly as possible before you have larger issues on your hand. 

If your AC makes any clicking noise, call air conditioner repair Newton, NC, for help.

3. Clanking Noise

Well, clanking noise is another hint of a broken or imbalanced part. The parts inside the sealed unit have possibly failed, & the compressor might have become slack, likely requiring a replacement.

However, this sound might also mean that the outdoor fan & its blades or the indoor blower is out of balance & hitting other parts. These sorts of issues will only get worse & create other major problems if ignored. So, with time call AC repair, Newton, NC, for help.

4. Buzzing Noise

Well, buzzing noise from your AC unit could mean:

  • Rubble in either the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Loose parts
  • The outdoor fan motor is slack or about to fail
  • The blower is running bad or imbalanced
  • The copper wires from outside to inside rub against something
  • Fan blades are slack or imbalanced
  • The condenser coil requires cleaning
  • The air filter needs changing
  • Refrigerant leaks lead to freezing up your air conditioning.

If your air conditioner unit seems to be functioning outside but is not cooling inside, the issue is possibly a refrigerant leak. However, this might or might not be accompanied by any tattler noises, depending on how terrible the leak is & where it is located.

If you are facing the same issue, air conditioner repair, Newton, NC, is always available to help you.

5. Humming Noise

Generally, humming noise is not critical, but it still indicates that something within your AC is off. Loose parts & refrigerant piping might cause vibration &, if left unchecked, might result in a more significant maintenance issue. In some cases, buzzing or humming noises indicate electrical issues. If your compressor hums & refuses to start, there might be a problem with the motor, even though loose wiring might also trigger this noise.

If you are looking for an AC repair service, opt for air conditioner repair, Newton, NC.

6. Squealing Noise

Fan & blower noises, such as squeals, squeaks, & rattles, might be transmitted thru the duct system. Indoor blower motors & outdoor fan motors squeal when they are going bad. Moreover, the blower wheel & housing will also make squealing noises when they misfunction. For some units, this noise is normal after start-up. You might be able to identify whether it is a noise that your AC unit always makes or it is something new.

7. Whirring Noise

If your air conditioner sounds like a helicopter, you might have one of the numerous mechanical problems with either the outdoor unit or the indoor blower. Generally, a whirring noise in an air conditioner is due to a faulty fan in either the outdoor unit or indoor blower unit or bad bearings inside the indoor blower fan motor.

When the blades begin to come loose, or the fan otherwise begins to collapse, a whirring, helicopter-like noise might occur. There might as well be a bad or severed belt somewhere inside the system. 

If you want to repair your AC, get it repaired with the help of AC repair, Newton, NC.

However, the issue is not always a faulty part. In some cases, a scrap of paper or other debris might get trapped inside either the outdoor fan unit or the indoor blower fan, causing a rapid, helicopter-like whirring sound.


When your AC is acting unusual, such as making weird noises, it’s trying to signal an issue that needs your attention. Ignoring weird noises coming from your AC unit might turn minor problems into something that might be harmful to the system’s health over the long term.

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