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Avoid Costly AC Fixes: Most Expensive Repairs in Hickory NC

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A technician is repairing internal components of an air conditioning unit outdoors.

One day or the other, the homeowners will notice that their AC has stopped blowing out cool air and has started malfunctioning. Well, this calls for the need for air conditioner repair Hickory NC. It’s especially needed when the scorching hot summer months are approaching. 

While some parts might minor repairs, others will cost you a fortune. In this guide, we’ll navigate the different parts of an air conditioner and their cost of repair. Mostly, we’ll focus on discussing the most expensive repairs and tips to avoid them. 

Compressor repair 

Compressor facilitates the movement of refrigerant through the system to eliminate humidity and heat. Although it’s a time-consuming job, you’ll have to pay a huge price to replace, if the compressor fails. While the cost of a replacement compressor might be covered by some air conditioner warranties, you’ll typically have to foot the bill. Before deciding to replace your air conditioner, it’s crucial to consider the prospective cost, which ranges from $1800 to $2800 on average for a compressor replacement. 

While selecting whether to replace your air conditioner or repair the compressor, it is crucial to consider the expense of these additional repairs. If the compressor breaks, you may also need to replace other components of your air conditioning system. Get a professional for yearly cleaning and routine maintenance to prevent this.

Refrigerant leak 

An air conditioner’s refrigerant isn’t meant to leak. When refrigerant leaks, the HVAC unit consumes more power without producing any signs of efficiency. Refrigerant leakage cause additional damage by straining the condenser & coils. It implies that both of these parts will have to be repaired too. Therefore, if you delay the issue, you will end up causing damage to the condenser and coil too. Repairing all such parts together will prove to be heavy. 

Broken or non-funcitional fan motor

The external unit of an ac system consists of a fan that sucks in hot air from within the HVAC unit and blasts it out through the exhaust. The outdoor unit mainly gets destroyed when a lot of debris fall into it. 

Before completely failing, the fan motor will give out signals such as emitting loud whirring noises. So, don’t wait till you see it producing completely unusual sounds. Call a specialist for inspection of air conditioning Hickory NC. Otherwise, the repair cost will burn a hole into your pocket. The repair cost might fall anywhere between $600 to $1700.  

Evaporator coil replacement 

An evaporator coil inside an air conditioner is very crucial for the colling process. The refrigerant inside the coils absorbs heat when air flows over them, cooling the air as a result. Reduced cooling effectiveness and higher energy expenditures may result from leaks in the coils. The coils might be repairable in rare circumstances, but most of the time the complete coil needs to be replaced. 

The evaporator coils should be cleaned and maintained annually to avoid having to replace them. This will ensure that they are clean and clear of debris and that the refrigerant is charged correctly. Regular maintenance by air conditioning repair in Hickory, NC, can help your air conditioner last longer and save money.

Blower motor

Blower motors push the air through the system so that each area can achieve optimum room temperature. When the blower motor fails, it will show signs like continuous fuses blowing. Moreover, you’ll also notice that the HVAC unit isn’t cooling as effectively as before. 

When you notice that the air conditioner isn’t providing adequate cooling, know that the motor is functioning ineffectively due to excess strain. So, waste no more time, and call for air conditioner repair Hickory NC


Usually the most expensive repairs are the ones that we pay the least attention to. If the faulty or completely broken HVAC parts go without any repair and maintenance for a longer period, the charges will empty your pocket. So, tune-ups from professional technicians at regular intervals is extremely essential. Always hire a reputed air conditioning repair service Hickory NC, to get the job done and save you massive repair costs. 

Anytime Heating Cooling Repair provides the best air conditioner repair in Hickory, NC, at a reasonable price point. Here, we believe in repair instead of replacement. Plus, ensuring regular maintenance of the air conditioner won’t damage it up to the extent that you’ll have to replace some of its parts. Give us a call today and schedule a repair anytime between 8 AM to midnight. And no, we don’t charge merely for diagnosing what’s wrong with your unit. We only get paid for the repair or maintenance work we do. For further queries, call us at (828) 838-0973.

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