Whether it’s a bitterly cold night or a scorching summer afternoon, HVAC comes to the rescue in both cases. Optimum room temperature is something we all wish to achieve for a comfortable sleep throughout the year. And several factors play a major role in providing that optimum room temperature, such as ventilation in the room, no. of residents occupying the space, climate, etc. One of the most important aspects to look for while installing the HVAC Hickory NC is the size of your room. You need to get your hands over the right HVAC system, whose capacity can match the space of your room.

This guide is completely dedicated to educating you regarding the importance of your room size before you visit the nearest HVAC service Hickory NC, for HVAC installation at your house. An informed decision will help you choose the right system for better heating and cooling of your room.

How does the size matter?

Unfortunately, most people believe that the bigger the tonnage, the better it works. However, in reality, it is a complete myth. Let us first understand what does tonnage indicate? Tonnage refers to the cooling capacity of the HVAC system according to the need and size of any room. There is an international thumb rule to measure the cooling capacity of your hvac. Each square foot requires 20 Btu/hr. The higher the value of Btu/hr, the more powerful is the hvac system. Contact the nearest hvac contractors Hickory, NC, to get their opinion on installing a perfectly sized HVAC system.

If the size of your HVAC system exceeds the size of your room, it leads to less efficiency. Not merely that, a huge HVAC system will also negatively affect your sleep by frequently switching on and off. There’s no guarantee of constant running of the system. Undoubtedly, a larger HVAC system will reduce the temperature quickly, but it will make the room very damp. On the other hand, a perfectly sized HVAC will simultaneously remove humidity and cool down the room. Instead of right or left, the system also needs to be placed at such an angle that it throws out cool or hot air at the centre of any room. This way, your entire room is uniformly heated or cooled down.   

However, if your HVAC system has a lower capacity than the room size, you may have to deal with high electricity consumption and reduced system lifespan. While the lower capacity system will save you a huge deal of money on the capital, it will increase your electricity bill as it requires a lot of energy to deliver the optimum temperature.

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Calculate the capacity of your room

Here’s the calculation for getting the right HVAC capacity without burning a hole into your pocket by paying any additional cost. The first and foremost thing you need to do is measure the area of the room. After that, divide the area by 600. The result you get is the basic capacity.

Suppose your room is around 100 sq. feet. Well, then the basic capacity of your HVAC system must be 0.167 tons (100/600). The calculation doesn’t end here. With every five people inside the room, you have to add 0.5ton. Generally, a 0.8ton capacity HVAC system would work just fine in a 100 sq. ft area.

We have prepared a table that lays out the basic capacity of the HVAC system required for rooms of different sizes.

Room size (sq. ft)Capacity (tons)
  Till 100    0.8
  Till 150    1.0  
  Till 250    1.5
  Till 400    2.0

To get the right heating or cooling of the room, you need to stick to the calculations mentioned above. Apart from getting a comfortable sleep at night, you will also save money on maintenance and replacement.


Now that you are aware of the adversities associated with choosing the wrong sized hvac Hickory, NC, we hope you make a wise decision. There are certainly other factors that play an important role in determining the size of the AC, like floor number, number of computers being used in the room, amount of natural light the room is getting, and much more. You need to conduct a deep research before spending your hard-earned money installing an HVAC system.

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