Like any other equipment, your HVAC requires regular tune-ups and maintenance to ensure it functions the right way. Your HVAC requires regular attention, especially when the summer months are about to start. So, when is the right time to schedule an HVAC service Hickory, NC? In this guide, we will check out the right time for you to opt for an HVAC service.

So, keep reading to get more information about the proper maintenance of your HVAC system.

What is the average lifecycle of an HVAC system?

While several factors can influence the way an HVAC system functions and last for a given time, on average, a reliable AC unit can last anywhere between 10 years to 15 years. Add to this proper maintenance and regular care; you get a unit that goes beyond the given duration.

How Often Should Your Service Your HVAC Unit?

If you go by the words and experience of a professional for HVAC Hickory, NC, the machine needs to be serviced once per year to ensure that it functions at its optimum. The same logic applies to the heating system as well. While it is always important to opt for some regular cleaning and check-ins throughout its usage to ensure it’s running smoothly, the annual servicing helps keep it going for years.

Scheduling an HVAC service, Hickory, NC, with your local maintenance service provider will ensure that you maximize the functionality, cost incurred, lifetime, and safety features of the HVAC system.

When Should You Schedule Maintenance of the HVAC Unit?

As mentioned above, the annual servicing of your HVAC is important to help your system run in a smooth way. But, when should you exactly schedule the maintenance of your air conditioner? Most professionals for HVAC, Hickory, NC, recommend that spring is the perfect time to schedule air-conditioner maintenance for your system. The weather at this time of the year is perfect for running the cooling system efficiently. So, you have a lot of options to schedule an appointment with your local service provider for HVAC Hickory, NC.

Why Shouldn’t You Get Your HAVC Unit Serviced During Winters?

Depending on where you live, winters might not be well suited for maintenance or repair sessions. Not just that, it is highly recommended that you don’t run the air conditioner if it is too cold outside. This is because the AC unit might not work well in temperatures that are too cold.

Even though your location might not become as cold, it is still recommended that the AC shouldn’t be operated or maintained during this period. Not just that, you might also end up damaging the system, which might require additional maintenance. So, go ahead and skip any wintertime HVAC worries while focusing only on the heating requirements.

A lot of people even think that getting their AC serviced early in the summer is one perfect move. However, they could be far from being right. You have to ensure that the machine is in its perfect condition before the heat hits you hard. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this, and hence the professional service providers are the busiest at this time. This could lead to substandard maintenance work, given that they have to tackle a lot of people’s HVAC systems in one go.

So, to beat this preventative maintenance rush, you need to get started as early as the start of the spring to ensure your machine works with ease for months, especially during the harsh summers.

What is the average cost to get your HVAC serviced?

Whether you have a centralized HVAC system in your house or a split system, it is important to understand how much you could end up paying for a quick maintenance and repair service. This will help you prepare a budget beforehand, so you don’t end up getting startled by the charges or be duped by a shady service provider.

While some service providers might charge you a flat rate for the servicing and maintenance session, others might charge you by the hours served. Regular maintenance would cost you somewhere between $140 to $220 that might go higher if there is a need for maintenance that goes between $300 and $700, depending on the service provider.

How Long Would Your Maintenance Session Last?

An annual HVAC maintenance or bi-annual maintenance would take anywhere between an hour and two. However, this can vary depending on how dirty your system is, along with its size. Apart from this, there are several other factors that include AC type, size of the house, & whether or not your tune-ups happen on a yearly basis. If your tune-ups aren’t regular, it can take longer to clean up things and ensure they are functioning the right way.


Apart from this, having your new HVAC system installed the right way is the key to ensure it doesn’t get exposed to any dust or dirt in the process. Always get in touch with a reliable HVAC professional and get quotes to ensure that they adhere to your budget while getting the job done the right way. Make sure you read through the reviews to pick the right HVAC Hickory, NC.

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