Choosing the proper size HVAC Hickory, NC, for the home necessitates more than just calculating the square footage. A comprehensive inspection of your home can assist you in understanding how BTUs, temperature, &, yes, square footage all contribute to the air conditioning tonnage requirements.

Size does important when it comes to effective AC performance. A unit that is too tiny for your home may force the system to operate continuously, resulting in an ever-increasing energy cost. If the device is too large, the air will indeed be cooled faster than the device will be able to dehumidify the area. You will be left in a sticky, humid environment.

We’re providing the best solution to answer the question, “What size HVAC unit do I need?” to keep the family comfortable while avoiding bank-breaking energy costs.

Air conditioning system types

Determine the sort of system users want to install while sizing the air conditioner to the home’s demands. There are other types of cooling devices available, but we will focus on the three most common ones at HVAC service Hickory NC.

Ductless air conditioners

To cool your house, ductless air conditioners use several pipes to link an outside unit to 1 or more inside units. To maintain the proper temperature, the pipes are loaded with refrigerant, which absorbs & releases heat. This technology does not necessitate the use of ductwork.

Single-zone & multi-zone systems are available & work best in houses when various temperatures are wanted in different areas. If you want to repair your ductless HVAC Hickory, NC, then always go for Anytime Heating Cooling repair.

Packaged HVAC systems

Packaged air conditioning units are all-in-one alternatives for homeowners that need to save space or have more flexibility in where HVAC equipment may be positioned. The main components, including the compressor, evaporator, & condenser, are housed in a single cabinet. Typically, the exterior cabinet is installed on a slab of concrete outside the residence. Packaged systems circulate cool air thru the ducting of the home.

Split-system air conditioners

Split-system ACs are most likely what come to mind when you conceive of an HVAC system. These devices include an outside unit & an inside unit that operate in tandem to maintain the correct temperature & humidity level in the house. During the heating or cooling cycle, the refrigerant flows through both units, & conditioned air is distributed through the home’s ductwork.

How many BTUs are there per square foot?

A British Thermal Unit or BTU is a measurement of how much energy your air conditioner consumes in 1 hour to eliminate heat from the interior air. The BTU of the HVAC Hickory, NC, must be determined by the total footage of the property, the quality of the insulation, the climatic zone, & the ducting.

In general, 20 BTUs are required for each square foot of living area in your house. The larger your house, the more BTUs you will need to keep you comfortable. A Manual J calculation is among the most accurate techniques to determine the proper size AC for the home.

Manual J calculation

A Manual J calculation is analogous to just a residential energy audit. Depending on where you live, the person who conducts the Manual J calculation may differ. In some cases, the audit will be completed by the HVAC business. The job might alternatively be completed by a general contractor or an energy expert.

The price of such a Manual J is determined by the area of the home. You should anticipate paying approximately $200 & $300 for most households. Whether your local HVAC specialist does the audit, find out whether the service is covered with the installation or replacement of your system.

HVAC service Hickory NC recommends having the examination completed rather than just replacing the old HVAC system with a unit of the same size. A Manual J inspection will take the following factors into account:

• The quality of the ductwork 

• The quality of the home insulation 

• The amount of direct solar exposure

• The number of persons that live in the house

• Use of heat-producing types of equipment

• Geographical climate & temperature averages

• The quantity & quality of windows & outside doors

• Building materials for homes (i.e., wood, brick, etc.)

• Features in the home that alter the interior temperature (i.e., sunroom, fireplace, etc.)

Each of these factors has the potential to influence the temperature & comfort of your house. If you choose an HVAC size only primarily on square footage, you may end up with a unit that is too little or too big for your needs, which may be costly.

AC climate zones

While the square footage & make-up of your property will provide excellent guidance in sizing the HVAC unit, we must not overlook climate.

Consider two different variations of the same house. One home should be in Texas, San Antonio, & the other in Michigan. Despite having the same size, insulation, windows, ductwork & doors, the Michigan home requires a lower tonnage system than the Texas residence.

The United States Department of Energy provides to assist homeowners in determining their climatic zone. Your HVAC service Hickory NC will be able to advise you on the appropriate tonnage required for your climatic zone requirements.


Choosing the appropriate size HVAC unit for your house does not have to be difficult. After determining your climatic zone & scheduling the Manual J inspection, it is indeed time to select the appropriate HVAC brand. Once you’ve determined the size unit you want, you can begin comparing other leading items of the same size, ensuring that your pricing estimate is accurate.

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