As the population grows, so does the number of people suffering from asthma. An illness that traditionally afflicted only the elderly is increasingly afflicting the young as well. However, HVAC systems installed by HVAC contractors Hickory, NC, have a greater role in reducing asthma symptoms than you might believe because they minimize allergens & enhance indoor air quality.

What Causes Asthma in Your House?

Asthma is a serious condition, and experiencing or seeing an asthma attack may be distressing. Asthma involves narrowing of the airway airways, resulting in symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and trouble breathing. Asthma episodes are commonly induced by allergic responses to items such as particles from air pollution, animal dander, pollen, & even dust mites.

If you have open windows in your home, you are inviting allergens from outside to inside. By installing a high-quality HVAC system with the help of a team from HVAC Hickory, NC, you may limit outdoor circulation and thereby reduce allergies.

Why Is Asthma Getting Worse?

Asthma is on the rise, according to several researchers, particularly in wealthy countries. There are various widely acknowledged ideas that explain this rise.

To begin with, most children are reared inside. That is, they’re not exposed to allergens during critical developmental periods and so do not acquire used to them.

Second, because individuals in industrialized nations are more sedentary, their lung capacity is less. As a result, when an asthma episode strikes, it is felt considerably more acutely.

Finally, HVAC systems from HVAC Hickory NC, particularly those not designed with allergy & asthma patients in mind, can recirculate the same allergen-littered air, increasing triggers & decreasing indoor air quality.

While we can’t do anything about the first two factors, we can do something about the third. As a result, we will now discuss how to turn an asthma liability into a means of managing asthma triggers.

What Effect Does an HVAC System Have on Asthma?

Before opting for HVAC Service Hickory, NC, know that dust mites & mold spores flourish in warm, damp conditions. You may lower the number of these allergens in the air by turning on & leaving your air conditioner on. Your air conditioner gets rid of these bothersome asthma triggers by chilling the air to a degree where they can’t thrive. It also draws moisture from the air, preventing allergies from reproducing in damp environments.

When your air conditioner is turned on, the air is always moving. When air does not circulate, it offers an ideal environment for dust mites, fungi, & mold to thrive. Some air conditioners are inefficient & can cause a whole room or level of your home to become plagued with irritants.

The filter is your main line of defense against asthma triggers in your air conditioning system. Having the appropriate filter can mean the difference between success & failure. Filters not only enhance general indoor air quality but also collect pollutants that cause asthma attacks. Select the filter suggested by HVAC contractors Hickory, NC, for your specific heating & cooling system.

How Can HVAC System Optimization Help with Asthma?

Here are some tips for optimizing your HVAC unit to help lessen asthma symptoms:

1-Air Purifiers

Pollen, dander, dust, & mold are all common asthma triggers in many parts of the world. By incorporating an air purifier into your HVAC unit by opting for HVAC Service Hickory, NC, you might drastically reduce particulate matter in the air & improve the air quality in your house, allowing your entire family to breathe better.


Humidity is another major asthma cause. Changing humidity levels frequently aggravate asthma symptoms. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Talk to an HVAC specialist about measures to reduce humidity in your house. They may advise you to add humidifiers or dehumidifiers to your HVAC system. Well, experienced specialists from HVAC Hickory, NC, can assist you in determining the best options for keeping your house & family healthy & comfortable.

3-UV Lamps

You might also think about using ultraviolet bulbs. Using UV light, these lamps eliminate mold spores and germs. Depending on your unique demands and sterilization requirements, these lamps are frequently positioned inside the system to disinfect the airflow, the coils, or both.


Maintenance of the HVAC unit on a regular basis will make a significant impact in reducing asthma triggers. Regular duct cleaning and air filter changes will not only help your system perform more effectively but will also give better air quality for you to breathe, decreasing allergens & asthma triggers.

5-Improved Systems

In most circumstances, installing a fully new HVAC system by opting for HVAC contractors Hickory, NC, maybe the best choice. To function properly, all heating & cooling systems need enough circulation, & air filters can impede part of this airflow. If somebody in your home has asthma, it might be a good idea to build a new HVAC unit that can accept additional filters without interfering with the flow of air.


Air conditioners are convenient. They keep the air fresh and cold. They have the ability to minimize humidity & airborne triggers. The combination of these actions has the potential to enhance asthma management. They can help you breathe easier. Switch it on & make use of the recirculation option. You’ll be more relaxed, & your lungs will indeed be happier as a result.

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