The most recent energy-efficient central AC systems from HVAC Hickory NC use two-stage or varying speed motors designed to make little or zero noise. If you hear a loud & disturbing noise coming from your HVAC unit, it is a clear indication of moderate to serious problems. These noises are frequently an indication that your system needs to be repaired or replaced.

Before opting for HVAC Hickory NC, take a look at some of the most typical HVAC noises that you should not overlook to assist you in determining the problem with your system.

1. Banging Noises

If your AC is producing a pounding noise, this might be an indication of a compressor problem. This component is designed to deliver refrigerant to various sections of your home’s HVAC system to eliminate excess heat. It is fairly unusual for parts to become loose in the compressor when your central air conditioning unit reaches the midst or end of its lifecycle.

When the components in the compressor become loosened, you may hear a rattling noise when your air conditioning unit is turned on. This noise is created by loose components striking the compressor’s outside frame. Because the compressor is not designed to be readily dismantled, you may need to purchase a new energy-efficient AC. If your air conditioner is making a pounding noise, contact a professional HVAC specialist like HVAC service Hickory NC for assistance.

2. Humming Noises

Because of a faulty contactor relay switch, you might begin to hear a buzzing noise within your air conditioner. When it gets a signal from your thermostat, this component activates the outside condenser unit. Unfortunately, you will be unable to switch on your AC until the problem is resolved by a professional technician.

Moreover, don’t ignore electrical problems in your system. This will result in significant damage to your HVAC system, as well as costly repairs.

3. Buzzing Sounds

Well, buzzing noise from your HVAC system should never be ignored. This sound might indicate that your outdoor condenser unit’s fan blades are loose or imbalanced. This kind of noise can also be produced by problems including a defective outside fan motor, grubby condenser coils, & loose components.

A buzzing sound might potentially indicate a hindrance near the copper wires that connect to your AC. A refrigerant leak is the most profound issue that might be causing this situation. Please don’t disregard a buzzing noise. Hire a professional expert like HVAC service Hickory NC to do an AC tune-up to be proactive & ready for the summer season.

4. Screeching Sounds

The most typical cause of an AC shrieking noise is a faulty fan motor in the outside condenser unit. Generally, a fan in the HVAC system attached to your home is meant to extract heat from the refrigerant. In case your AC is screeching, it might be due to a problem with the fan motor. However, this sound might also be generated by a faulty motor in the condenser system’s compressor.

If you want to get a new HVAC unit installed, opt for HVAC Hickory NC.

Well, a squealing or screeching noise in your house might potentially be produced by a faulty blower fan motor. The blower fan is designed to gather warm air from all of your home’s rooms. When the blower fan motor is turned on, the humid & hot air in your enclosure is collected by your return ducts & transported to your HVAC system. The blower fan will then spread the chilled air from your unit throughout your home.

Due to worn bearings in your fan motor, you may hear a screaming sound near your home’s HVAC system. Furthermore, a faulty fan belt might be the source of this sound. If you hear a loud AC noise, turn off your AC immediately & contact a professional HVAC contractor from HVAC Hickory, NC.

5. Rattling Noises

In the best-case scenario, stray sticks, leaves, or dirt in your exterior condenser unit are causing your AC to rattle. The simplest solution is to dismantle the device & remove these elements. In the worst-case scenario, this AC sound might be caused by a faulty electrical component in your system. If you find a faulty contractor, you might address it as quickly as possible to avoid causing harm to your central AC’s compressor.

If you want to install a brand-new HVAC unit for your commercial building, opt for HVAC service Hickory NC.

6. Bubbling Sounds

Due to excess moisture, the HVAC linked to your home may be generating a bubbling noise. A crack, hole, or clog in your drainage pipe might cause this kind of issue. It is simple to disassemble your HVAC to check the drainage pipe if you are skilful.

However, we do not advocate changing the drainage pipe yourself. Moreover, special tools, abilities, training, & equipment are required to repair the bubbling sound in your AC. Please opt for HVAC service Hickory NC to ensure the job is completed correctly and safely.


When your HVAC unit exhibits unusual behavior, such as creating noise or emitting a foul odor, it is attempting to alert you to an issue that needs your attention. Ignoring strange noises coming from your AC might escalate small concerns into something that might be harmful to the health of your unit in the long term.

Have you encountered any of these air conditioning sound problems? Anytime Heating Cooling Repair is always ready to help. The sooner you seek assistance, the less probable it is that the condition will deteriorate to the point where the system will break down. Call us at (828) 838-0973 or contact us online to schedule a repair appointment with one of our experts.