Before opting for air conditioning Hickory, NC know that dust & filth accumulate on various HVAC system components while they run. The buildup of dirt will gradually impair the system’s cooling capability. To keep the humidity & temperature at the proper levels, the unit will have to work harder. In terms of increasing energy consumption, the additional pressure on the HVAC unit will hasten the wear & tear of different components, limiting their life expectancy. HVAC maintenance, as you might see, is essential.

Maintenance with air conditioning, Hickory, NC keeps your systems running at optimal efficiency year after year – & saves you money in the form of decreased electricity bills. A unit that is maintained on a yearly basis will also have fewer breakdowns, decreasing the need for & expense of unneeded repairs.

HVAC Maintenance Duties

HVAC system professionals recommend scheduling maintenance operations twice per year, in the spring & autumn, to avoid difficulties during the warmest & coldest months.

The frequency of AC maintenance activities with air conditioning repair service Hickory, NC, on the other hand, should be determined in accordance with facility-specific variables like day-to-day business operations & traffic flow in the facility, as well as local environmental factors like outdoor temperatures, relative humidity, pollution, & corrosives. For instance, an industrial facility’s HVAC system, which is subjected to tough operating conditions, requires more regular inspection & servicing than a small commercial building’s system.

HVAC system manufacturers also advise certified experts to perform inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Damage to devices caused by incorrect installation, insufficient maintenance, or servicing methods done by a non-certified AC expert is not warranted.

Let’s look at how frequently certain HVAC system components & parts should be inspected & repaired before you opt for air conditioning repair service Hickory, NC. 

1. Air Filters

Replace the filters in your HVAC system at least once per month to maintain it running at full efficiency, notably if the unit is constantly in use. Whenever the air filters are blocked with dust & grime, the system must work harder to provide the same volume of cold air.

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As previously stated, this will raise your energy expenses & shorten the service life of several components, such as the compressor. Contaminants might infiltrate the duct system & be circulated throughout the building if the air filters are dirty.

2. Evaporator & Condenser Coils

Even though the filter is changed once monthly, the evaporator coil may continue to accumulate dust & dirt. Well, this reduces the heat adsorption efficiency of the coil, lowering the overall performance of the system. The exterior condenser coil would also get filthy. Dirt accumulation reduces airflow and prevents the coil from efficiently releasing heat.

Cleaning the evaporator & condenser coils on an annual basis by opting for air conditioning, Hickory, NC is a vital component of maintaining your Air conditioning unit, lowering energy expenditures, and extending the life of your equipment. Keeping the area surrounding the outdoor condenser system clean of dirt, debris, & vegetation will also allow for optimum airflow, which will improve condenser efficiency.

3. Air Ducts

Even the most effective air filters cannot capture every dust particle. Dust & other impurities that accumulate in the duct system over time will reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC unit. These impurities, when mixed with moisture, might create a breeding environment for allergies, mold, and bacteria. Allergens, mold spores, & other particles might create indoor air quality issues since they will eventually wind up circulating all through the entire facility.

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Supply & return air ducts must be properly examined at least once every two years to keep the HVAC system working effectively & maintain the acceptable air quality in the building. If various particles are released from the vents &/or impurities are found in the air ducts, the complete air duct system should be cleaned.

4. Drain Line

One of your HVAC system’s primary responsibilities is to remove water from the air. Moisture gathers on the evaporator coil as condensation and drops into a condenser drain pan, which is linked to drain pipes. The condensation produced by the device is frequently contaminated with dust & dirt particles. However, this might result in thick sludge accumulating on the pipes, obstructing fluid flow. A specialist should inspect the drain pipes & pan at least once every year to guarantee adequate drainage.

Signs that Your HVAC needs Maintenance

Before you opt for air conditioning repair service Hickory, NC, take a look at some of the signs to know that your HVAC need maintenance:

  • Unexplained energy bill increases
  • Loud, strange noises from your AC or heater 
  • Little to no airflow
  • Your ac unit is more than ten years old
  • Frequent, repeated problems & repairs
  • Reduced HVAC efficiency
  • It’s been a year or more since the last tune-up


Air conditioning maintenance operations may need to be arranged around a certain operational schedule based on where the air filters & ducts are positioned in your building. Now, if you require HVAC system repair or maintenance, contact a trained HVAC specialist.

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