In the present world scenario, it’s difficult to find any residential or commercial building without an HVAC unit. The HVAC system regulates extreme weather conditions. It makes the building comfortable for us by creating a layer of an optimum temperature. Despite the weather outside, the HVAC system ensures cooling and heating of the space to meet the residents’ requirements. This calls for the need for an energy-efficient HVAC system. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend a chunk on air conditioner repair Hickory NC. Also, ensuring the energy efficiency of the HVAC unit will ensure it lasts for a prolonged period.

Decoding HVAC Efficiency

The use of HVAC in commercial or residential buildings varies from place to place. Ensuring the efficiency of the heating and cooling system helps bring down the overall energy expenditure. Currently, the HVAC unit available in the market comes with different levels of efficiency. Fortunately, we’re only getting started here.

The scholars consider several aspects such as the spectrum of efficiency rates, noting down the equipment differences, maintenance, installation quality, etc. Considering everything, the DOE in the USA and several other reputed organizations have assessed that much more can be done. Experts are constantly working to take HVAC efficiency to another level.

Science Behind the Concept of HVAC

In order to achieve an energy-efficient HVAC unit, it’s important to first understand the science behind it. Mentioned below are several scientific ratings that most HVAC units are rated with.

  • SEER: Standing for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio, it reflects the measured cooling output ratio. First, it’s measured using BTU or British Thermal Units, and further, it’s divided through usage. Finally, the outcome is stated in kilowatt-hours. The higher the number, the better will be the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit. Instead of lab-created situations, the SEER HVAC uses seasonal cooling.
  • EER: Yet another popular rating most residential HVAC systems will have for energy efficiency is EER or energy efficiency ratio. Unlike SEER, EER doesn’t get its ratio using seasonal averages. Rather, it sticks to the strict lab conditions for testing. Similar to the SEER rating, the higher the EER number is, the better your HVAC unit’s energy efficiency.
  • HSPF: High seasonal performance factor rating is used to determine the energy efficiency ratio of your HVAC unit’s heat pump. It cycles in double entendre to throw out cold and hot air. HSPF determines the exact amount of heating required using the BTU. Here also, the higher the HSPF ratio, the better will be the heat pump’s energy efficiency.

Global Impact

Apart from the constant need for air conditioning repair service Hickory NC, inefficient HVAC units also exhibit several adverse effects on the globe. Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation consume significant energy nationwide.

A survey conducted by the US Small Business Administration estimated that HVAC units make up around 40% of total energy consumption in commercial units. DOE states that residential HVAC units create double the amount of greenhouse gasses as compared to cars.

HVAC vs. Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

When choosing an HVAC unit or air conditioner, energy efficiency plays a greater role. The higher the energy efficiency, the lower your utility bill will be. As mentioned above already, the SEER rating determines the energy consumed to bring down the temperature to an ideal condition.

When the temperature runs extremely high outdoors, the air conditioners start showing signs of trouble. The air conditioners are designed to cool down the interiors when the temperature difference between outdoor and indoors doesn’t exceed 20 degrees. However, when the summers arrive, the difference in temperature exceeds this limit. At this point, the efficiency of your air conditioner is drastically reduced. 

On the contrary, HVAC units come fitted with equipment that can throw in both hot and cool air depending on your requirements. The heat pumps fitted inside aren’t bothered by extreme weather conditions outside. The HVAC unit runs on the same efficiency level regardless of the temperature outside.

Tips to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your HVAC Unit

As you already know, the inefficiency of an HVAC unit will be too heavy on your pocket. Therefore, it’s advised to carry out certain measures that will keep your system running efficiently without calling for frequent attention from the professionals of air conditioning Hickory NC. Refer to the tactics mentioned below that will help retain or increase the energy efficiency of the HVAC unit.


If you are planning to install an HVAC unit within your commercial or residential quarters that has more than a single room, go for VRF HVAC. Why? Well, a variable refrigerant flow HVAC unit delivers heating and cooling simultaneously in separate rooms of a single building. This individual control system ensures not to use more energy than it requires.

The compressor fitted in the HVAC unit comes equipped with variable speeds. And it runs only at the required capacity. This is yet another major factor contributing to the HVAC unit’s enhanced energy efficiency.

  • Switch Off Electronics

Yet another way to ensure the efficiency of your HVAC unit is by switching off electronics that are not functioning. When you don’t need your computers, media systems, exercise equipment, and machinery, turn them off. Even when the electronics are not put to use, they draw in energy if you leave them plugged in.

Not only turning off electronics mitigates energy consumption, but it also helps produce less heat. This implies your HVAC unit will consume less electricity to cool down the room. In this way, you save the most energy.

  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance must be carried out to maintain your HVAC unit at its highest efficiency. Seek professional services for maintenance of air conditioner repair Hickory NC. It’s best to book seasonal maintenance appointments. It should be scheduled at the beginning and end of the summer and winter months.

Experts can offer the best advice on how to carry out maintenance of your HVAC unit based on your utilization. Plus, you’ll save a huge deal of money on expensive repairs.

  • Replace air filters

The most common energy efficiency difficulties arise from jammed air filters. Filters are designed to save your unit from getting damaged by unwanted particles such as dust and debris. It prevents them from entering the system.

If your filter gets clogged with dust and debris, it will take the HVAC unit longer than usual to achieve the optimum room temperature set by you. Hence, it consumes more power. Filter clogging leads to dust accumulation on the blades of the fan and motor, slowing down the unit and ultimately leading to wasting electricity.

  • Programmable thermostat

Do you often step out of the house hurriedly without turning off the thermostat? Well, crazy schedules and limited times make us do this all the time. The key is to install programmable thermostats to make your HVAC unit highly energy efficient.

The automated system regulates the lights and thermostats of your air conditioning Hickory NC, when no one’s home. Adjust it as per your convenience so that it goes on and off at the given intervals. This helps prevent a huge amount of unwanted energy consumption.

  • Insulation

Yet another major reason behind the inefficiency of an HVAC unit is the poor insulation of a building. For the HVAC unit to run efficiently, your room needs to trap heat and cool air produced by the system. You can add insulation to windows and walls. Other potential factors for energy loss include ducts, outlets, and pipes.

The solution is to wrap them all in insulation. You can figure out a material’s insulation through a value called R. The higher the R-value, the more conditioned air is trapped. Your nearby air conditioning repair service Hickory NC, will help determine the R-value.

  • Airflow Preservation

In order to successfully run an energy-efficient HVAC system, it’s important to keep it free from particles of dust & debris. As already discussed above, dust particles are the sole reason for the blockage of the system. And you know what a clogged system leads to, right? It leads to higher energy consumption. 

Make sure not to let anything come in the way of airflow from the HVAC unit. Curtains, furniture, etc., shouldn’t obstruct the vents and ducts. Taking such simple steps ensures a smooth flow of air, which in turn increases efficiency.

  • Choose the Right Size

You’re making a blunder if you’re choosing a small-sized HVAC unit for a spacious room in your building. You might be trying to save a few bucks by getting a smaller one installed. But, in the long run, you’re going to pay a huge price for this mistake.

If your HVAC unit is comparatively small, it will be forced to work harder to produce cool or hot air for your space. Similarly, if the system is bigger than your space, it will exert extra energy. So, to determine the appropriate unit size, contact your nearby professional air conditioning repair Hickory NC.

  • Duct Structure

The structure of your duct is critical to your HVAC’s efficiency. The shape, size, bend, and layout as a whole affect the airflow through the unit. In case of longer ducts and multiple bends, the system must work hard to push the air across your space. This is where most of the energy is consumed.

So, address this issue right away. Seek professional help. They’ll plan out an effective structure to get the job done and your system running efficiently.

1. Use Fans

A highly instrumental component in determining the energy efficiency of your HVAC is a ceiling fan- it could be a floor fan as well. Regardless of whether the system aims at heating or cooling, fans play a major role in circulating the air produced all across the house. 

This ensures the hold or cold air gets evenly distributed across your building without consuming more energy.

2. Invest in a Brand new Unit

If you are not planning to move out of the house anytime soon, you may invest in the latest brand new HVAC unit. Why? It’s because the current HVAC units are fitted with energy-efficient equipment that does not lead to wastage of energy.

The current systems come with higher SEER ratings that abide by strict guidelines related to energy efficiency. If you’re not able to choose from several brands available in the market, seek advice from the professionals of air conditioning Hickory NC.


People are currently going gaga over the exciting energy-efficient HVAC units being marketed worldwide. However, we fail to understand that the solution doesn’t lie in getting a brand new HVAC unit. The key is to ensure regular maintenance and take certain steps that will improve the energy efficiency of your already existing HVAC unit. Stick to the tips and tricks mentioned above. And we bet you’ll not be disappointed in the end.

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