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Repair or Replace?

The HVAC industry talks about “payback” when replacing heating and air conditioning systems.The concept is that the new system saves enough money to pay for itself over time.

A new HVAC system will cost somewhere around $7,000.00 to $15,000.00 and even the most state-of-the-art equipment will not save that much money over its useful life. And worse, some new equipment is unreliable and uses expensive parts to achieve slight energy anytime air conditioning repair Hickorysavings. The parts often have limited warranties and may not be covered when they fail. This would add to costs and further hurt any chance of recouping new system expense. Most manufacturers use a system where they attempt to deny claims at every chance and this will be expensive a few years later when those components fail.

After being in the business for over 30 years, I believe that repair is a better option as long as the manufacturer still offers the repair parts.

The equipment that is installed at your home right now can be efficient and most likely has much more reliable components than the current, most state-of-the-art systems. At ANYTIME, we feel that if a piece of equipment can be repaired, that is the smartest choice for our customer. We only recommend replacement when it is absolutely necessary. We don’t use any kind of commission or incentive pay systems, so there is no pressure at all to upgrade.

If there are multiple problems with your existing heating and air, then it will be plainly explained as to which repairs are critical and which repairs are recommended. ANYTIME operates to minimize operational costs and offer customers the lowest repair rate in the industry. We operate under the hope that anytime air conditioning repair Hickoryeach customer is going to review us and we’ll do everything to earn your highest rating.

Whether you’re having trouble with a heat pump, gas furnace, air conditioner, smart thermostat, or any other device affecting your comfort or air quality inside your home, please call us today. Strange noises, air flow, duct work, and maximum system performance are our specialty.

Contact Us Today to set up your same-day service, no-risk inspection today and pay only for what you decide to repair.

We like to think of it as the perfect service call.

Teddy Smith

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