Air conditioning system is one of the most essential parts of HVAC set-up. Whether its home or workplace, you need a highly efficient AC system. It keeps the interior cool and comfortable. But, when the AC system develops issues, it will affect your comfort level. When that happens, you will need professional AC Repair Hickory, NC.

To keep your air conditioner in top-notch condition, you basically need two important things: timely repair and regular maintenance. Air conditioners can develop issues for a variety of reasons. The important thing is to get proper air conditioner repair in Hickory to prevent a complete breakdown.

Before you hire an air conditioning repair service Hickory, NC, know about the different components.

What is an Air conditioning system?

An AC or air conditioner system is a cooling system that removes heat & humidity from air. This results in cooling of air, which makes the interior cool and comfortable. They come in various shapes, sizes and designs, but they work the same way.

It uses refrigerant, a specialized chemical to cool the air. Basically, an air conditioner system has three main components: a compressor, a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. There are others, but these three works together to convert air from hot to cold. This they do by converting the refrigerant from gas to liquid and vice versa.

There are basically three types of AC system you can choose:

  • Split-System Air Conditioner
  • Packaged Air Conditioner
  • Ductless Air Conditioner

You can also get AC system with different configuration and styles. But these three are basically the most commonly used AC system. When you are looking for air conditioning repair in Hickory, NC, make sure that the technician specializes in all types of AC system repairs.

Major Components of AC System & Their Repair Needs

As you know, an AC system has many important components. Knowing about these components can help you prevent major issues. It will also help you identify the issues and quickly call for professional AC repair in Hickory, NC.

Here are the most important components of an air conditioning system:


This is perhaps the most important part of an AC system. It is center of the air conditioner as it is responsible for converting gas into liquid. It converts the refrigerant from a low -pressure gas into high-pressure gas before it enters the condenser. This results in cooling of the warm air so that your room is cool and comfortable. It is important to note that AC compressors are usually found in the outdoor unit. And, it is responsible for moving the refrigerant between evaporator and condenser coils. It ensures that the refrigerant changes to gas or liquid as required.

Compressor repair issues:

Some of the most common compressors problems are:

  • Refrigerant Leaks – It can lead to noises coming out of the unit from the compressor. Bubbling and hissing noises may indicate that your compressor needs help.
  • Inefficient Cooling – This happens when your compressor is not working efficiently. It can be due to some technical issues or your AC unit is too old. Look for professional air conditioner repair Hickory, NC when your compressor is not working well.
  • Not Starting Properly – If your compressor is taking too much time to start or won’t turn on at all, it suggests electrical issues. Make sure to hire a professional technician for repairing your air conditioner in Hickory, NC.

Hire an AC repair service technician to have a look at your system for timely repair solution.  


Condenser is an important part of an air conditioning system and is located in the outer part of AC unit. It gets high-pressure hot refrigerant from the compressor unit and its job is to cool it by running it over condenser coils. The air is in pressurized liquid form when it runs over the coil. After cooling down, the air passes through the condenser valve by converting back into gas. It is responsible for releasing the heat from indoor air to the outside air. Over time, it will collect dust and dirt, and this will result in decrease in its efficiency.

Most common condenser repair problems are:

  • Dirty Coils – As you know, the condenser fans can attract dust, and dirt. This can clog the coils and it will affect the cooling of air. Which is why, it is important to clean the coils at least once a year. Replace it if its needed.
  • Refrigerant leaks – Leaking of the refrigerant can lead to inefficient cooling as it is responsible for carrying cool air inside. At the same time, it also drives hot air outside. If there is leak, it can disrupt the air flow.
  • Condenser Fan Problems – The fan helps remove the heat from the condenser coils and blow it outside. Issues in the belt or motor can affect the quality of air flow.

Make sure that you hire professional technician for air conditioning repair in Hickory, NC. Timely action will save time and cost at the same time.

The Evaporator

The evaporator unit is one of the most important parts of an AC system. It also helps in brining cool air inside the room. The liquid that comes out of the condenser coil goes to the evaporator coil through small pipes. Due to low pressure inside the evaporator unit, the liquid changes to gas. This gas has already cooled down and is now ready to travel to the next step. It is important to note that the evaporator coils are prone to freezing-up. So, you have to keep an eye on it to prevent any major issues.

Most common problems evaporator coils in AC face are:

  • Dust and Dirt – They can accumulate on the evaporator coils and prevent it from working properly. As a result, it will overcompensate and make the AC system work harder. It will eventually result in complete breakdown of the system if its not repaired on time.
  • Refrigerant Leaks in Evaporator – Leaking of the refrigerant in the evaporator can affect the quality and quantity of air flow. Which is why, you need to need fix the issues before it gets out of hand.
  • Replacing the Coils – If your evaporator coils are too old or have gone through a lot of wear and tear, it needs replacing. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep them in good state. But eventually, you will need to replace them. Consult an AC technician and replace the coils if its needed.

Look for a reliable air conditioner repair in Hickory, NC to keep your air conditioner in top-notch condition.  

Blowing unit and air handler

They are equally important like other AC components as they are responsible for pulling warm air and blowing it cool air. In fact, they are responsible for distributing air inside the room. You can imagine what will happen if they stop working for some reasons. As you know, it will affect the quality of air flow. This can disrupt work and affect the quality of work inside the building.

Some of the repair issues are:

  • Clogged or Dirty Air Filters – Both the components have air filters through which air passes. As a result, it can trap a huge amount of dirt and dust. This can clog the air filters, which can restrict the air flow. Which is why, they need to be cleaned and replaced when needed.
  • Clogged or Dirty Evaporator Coils – Clogged evaporator coils can impact the quality of air blowing from air handler. All the components are connected to each other in some ways. Therefore, when one component doesn’t work properly, it can lead to air flow issues.
  • Blower Motor Issues – Inefficient air flow can affect the efficiency of blower motor. It will have to work harder, putting strain on the system. Make sure that you get the air handler components checked by a professional technician.

Professional air conditioner repair in Hickory, NC is need to tackle the major AC repair issues. Make sure that you hire the right service provider for the job.  


Thermostat is also an important part of air conditioning system. It helps keep the temperature inside the room at optimal level. A damaged or inefficient thermostat can affect comfort level in so many ways. For instance, a broken thermostat will not regulate the temperature efficiently. Which is why, you need to keep your thermostat in good condition all the time. It works as connection between the AC unit and your interiors. If it is not working properly, it can also affect the efficiency of the entire AC system by making it work harder.

Some of the most common thermostat problems are:

  • Improper Temperature Regulation – It is the job of the thermostat to regulate the temperature inside the room. If it is unable to do it, there is an issue with it. Check if the thermostat is able to reach the right temperature. If it is unable to do it, you will have to call in professional repair technicians.
  • Your Thermostat is Old – Old thermostat will not work properly and need replacing. Get it checked by a qualified HVAC technician and if they suggest a replacement then get it done. Replacing an old component is a better option sometimes.
  • HVAC Keep Running – Thermostat signals AC system to switch on and off. If your HVAC system is still running even after reaching the required temperature, your thermostat needs repairing.

Hire a professional AC repair technician to fix your thermostat. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for a HVAC maintenance program.


The air filters in an AC system is an important component that needs your attention. Make sure that they are free of dust and dirt and all sorts of contaminants. The contaminants can clog the air filters and affect the quality of the air flow. What the filters do is keep dust and dirt away from the main AC unit. Over the time, it will get clogged with dust and dirt. Replacing or cleaning these filters is important. If its not done, your AC system will have to work harder, resulting in reduced efficiency. Additionally, it will also lead to increased utility bill.

Signs that your air filters need changing:

  • Increase in Bill – When your air filters are not working properly, it will result in increased energy bills. If you see unprecedented increase energy cost, make sure to get your HAVC system checked. Replacing or cleaning air filters will help restore the efficiency of your system.
  • Noises and Decrease in Efficiency – If you hear noises coming out of your HVAC system, it could be due to clogged air filters. Don’t forget to get your AC system checked before it turns into a major problem.

Professional AC repair in Hickory, NC can help you keep your AC system at top-notch condition.  

Drain pipes

Drain pipes are also an important part of air conditioner. It collects condensed water droplets when hot air turns into cool air. The drain pipes carry the residue water out of the AC. If the water is not removed from the system, it can lead to clogging. Which is why, you need to replace them.

Some of the drain pipe issues are:

  • Clogged drain pipes means stagnant water, which can result in unpleasant smell. It will emit moldy and musky smell indicating clogging.
  • Water damage near the unit due to clogging. At the same time, you will see stagnant water inside the unit too.

Make sure that you get the drain pipes clean, repaired or replaced as needed. Look for reliable air conditioning repair service in Hickory, NC for better results.  

The Bottom Line

Air conditioners are one of the most important part of the HVAC system. Its various component work together to keep air cool inside the building. But when they are not working properly, you will see reduction in efficiency. It is important to identify the issues and get them fixed so that your AC system is working efficiently all the time. Hiring a professional technician or service provider can help you keep everything efficient and organized.

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