People often talk about pollution and poor air quality outside. But the indoor air quality is equally important. Your home or office can have poor air quality as well, but the reasons are different. Indoor air quality is affected by a wide range of reasons including the efficiency of your air conditioning.

It is important to maintain the air quality inside the building for the safety and comfort of everyone. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to achieve this goal. Here are a few effective ways you can keep the indoor air quality great:

  • Change the Air Filters of your Air Conditioning

Your AC works hard to keep the indoor environment comfortable for you. One of the important things it does is filter the air to get rid or contaminants. This is the job of air filters and over time, they are likely to chock up with dirt. If you don’t change the filters every month or so, the indoor air quality will be affected. The contaminants will enter the house and make your indoor quality poor. Make sure that you regularly change the filters of your air conditioning Hickory, NC.

  • Keep your AC in Good Shape

Air filters do filter the air and help maintain the air quality inside the house. But overall health of the AC is also important. Timely air conditioning repair Hickory NC is very important. It will help you prevent any major system breakdown. Always make sure that your air conditioning or HVCA system is working find throughout the year. When your AC is not working efficiently, the room temperature is not the only thing that will be affected. The air filters will not work properly and hence affect the indoor air quality. Regular maintenance and timely repair of air conditioner is the key to maintain air quality inside the house.

  • Open your Windows

Its not always possible to keep the windows open to let in fresh air due to weather conditions. Do it whenever you can to bring in the fresh air. This will help regulate the air quality. Fresh air will replace the stale air inside the room and make things better. Your AC is capable of doing it, but having fresh air enter the room can be good too. Do it as often as the weather or climate allows and see the difference fresh air can make. Plus, you can give your air conditioning some rest while the natural air is doing its job.

  • Keep the Carpets and Rugs Clean

Did you know hat dirty carpet and rugs can cause breathing issues? It’s true that dirty carpets and rugs can degrade the indoor air quality. It traps dirt, dust and other type of contaminants. These things then get into the air and you breathe the impure air. It can cause issues like allergies, sneezing, coughing and it can make things uncomfortable for people with asthma.

Keeping the carpets and rugs clean is important to keep the indoor air quality great. Make sure to vacuum them daily or regularly. Apart from that, get them cleaned by professional cleaners. This will also help increase the life-span of your carpets and rugs.

  • Bring in Indoor Plants

Indoor plants like ferns can help improve the quality of indoor air. Indoor plants are known to absorb the contaminants from the air. Indoor plants can help you keep the indoor air clean and fresh. Plus, it will also help improve the aesthetic appeal of the place. It works like a natural air filter and will help you improve the quality of air without spending too much money.

  • Keep the Air Ducts Clean

Air ducts are largely responsible for distributing fresh air inside the house. Which is why, you need to keep them clean and well-maintained. Make sure that they are properly installed and there are no leaks. Just like the air filters in the air conditioning system, the ducts can accumulate dust, dirt and other contaminants. It will then get mixed with the air and contaminant the indoor air. To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep the ducts clean.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the best ways to keep your indoor air quality great. It is important to keep the air quality high to prevent health issues. From air conditioning repair in Hickory NC to air filters and air ducts cleaning, to adding indoor plants. These things will help you keep your indoor environment well-maintained.

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